“Michele Frankenstein” multimedia opera for 2 singers

(Tenor and Extreme Female Vocal), Dancer, live Electronics and Video (2012)

[version 2012, duration 40’] Story about a man who decided to change the world, not because of the woman, but because of the idea.

Based on a life and “Society of Spectacle” work of French artist Guy Debord.

Idea /Director /Libretto Anna Mikhailova

Text  Ruben van Gogh (dutch), Guy Debord (french), Anna Mikhailova (english)

(Premiered Korzo, Den Haag, April 20, 2012)


“Black Perfumechamber opera for Baritone, Soprano, Trumpet, Double Bass and Percussion (2012)

[duration 55’] Based on the Mikhail Bulgakov short stories.

Libretto/ Director Annechien Koerselman

(Premiered Orkater Theater, December 14, 2012)

Commissioned by Diamantfabriek


“Constant Tranzit” opera for 10 voices, 5 singers: Baritone and 4 Female low Voices, 5 Performers (Trombone, Saxophone (multi-reed), Accordion, Percussion and Double Bas) and 5 specially made instruments by Neon and Landa.

When reality is shaped by your curiosity and a man becomes the owner of his choice.Based on life of Dutch artist Constant Nieuwenhuijs and his New Babylon project. (2013) [version 2013, duration 50’] Idea/Music/Libretto/Direction Anna Mikhailova

Text  by Pascal van Hulst/ Dick Raaijmakers/ Henri Lefebvre/ Armando/ Gianfranco Sanguinetti/ Raoul Vaneigem/

Asger Oluf Jorn/ Constant/ Peter te Nuyl/ Anna Mikhailova (Premiered Korzo, Den Haag, June 14, 2013)


“Psychogeography. Henri Lefebvre versus Guy Debord. Maps of Tight Joint”  for 3 voices [mezzo-soprano, baritone and tenor] and Pac-man Bass, based on life and work relationships between Henri Lefebvre, Guy Debord and Alice Becker-Ho (2014) [version 2014, duration 11’] Text by Henri Lefebvre, Guy Debord and Alice Becker-Ho, libretto by Anna Mikhailova (Premiered Utrecht, Gaudeamus Muziekweek, September 11, 2014)


“SISTERS” opera for 2 female voices, actor, boy voice, drum-set, multiple percussions, saxophone player [multi reeds: Soprano, Tenor and Baritone] and specially made set of string instruments by Loek Vellekoop & Phonophilia

(2014) [duration 55’] Text by Isabel Schröder based on Procne and Philomela myth after Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” (Premiered Amsterdam, Muziek Theater Dagen A’dam, December 6, 2014) Commissioned by Diamantfabriek


ULTIMATE GAME Maps of Tight Joint. Trinity. M-Aria, MJ and Pieta [2016]

Opera performance for 3 voices and 1 sculpture Duration 45’

[Premiere during Gaudeamus Muziek Week 2016, Kikker Theater Utrecht]


First act of the opera “Otez Sergiy” (2002 in progress)


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