orchestra works

“Relictus Luminis” for organ and flutes orchestra (2006)

(Premiered by L’OFF/ Orchestra Flute Francais, Paris, 2006)

[24-Flute orchestra: 4 Pic./6 Grand./ 6 Alto/ 6 Bass/ 2 Octobass]

[duration 10’35’’]

version 2007 : 2 Pic./15 Grand./3 Alto/2 Bass/ 1 Bas. Cl. [duration 12’]


“The Melody of Personality” for voice and orchestra, text by Redjard Kipling (2007) [duration 8’35’’]


(Premiered by Maria Gorelova and Military Defence Orchestra at Big Hall, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, 2007, Moscow)


“SOLO” for flute & orchestra (2007)

2222/222/3/108642 [duration 9’25’’]

(Premiered by Ivan Bushuev and Russian Philharmonic Orchestra at Moscow Composers Union, 2008)


“ANTYRAGA” (2009) for Ereprijs Orchestra

(Commissioned and Premiered by De Ereprijs Orchestra (Apeldorn, 2009)

[duration 3’]


Concerto Grosso I for harpsichord, traversa, tromba naturale

(in D),cello, violone, 6 violin con corde de boyau & 2 percussion (2009) [duration 10’25’’]

(Premiered at SDART, 2010, Moscow)


          “The little Humpbacked Horse” fairy tale for narrator and symphony orchestra (2010) [duration 25’30’’]



          “Maps of Tight Joint. Part A. Approximation of Attraction” 

gestalt I for symphony orchestra(2010) [duration 9’35’’]



           Games of New Babylon. Written specially for Ricciotti Ensemble (2013), text from slogans of Revolutions of XX century

2222/22210/1/86443 [duration 9’30’’]

(Premiered Netherlands, 2013, during Russian tour)