Five songs on Russian Poetry for Soprano and Piano (1995)

[duration 13’]

“Cuckoo and Cock” Fable for Voice and Piano, text by Ivan Krilov (1996)[duration 6’]

“Patriarshy ponds” for Voice and Piano, text by Vasily Sterkin (1997)

Three songs for Soprano and Piano, text by Marina Zvetaeva (1997)[duration 9’]

“Zinaida Volkonskaya salon” for Soprano, Reader and Piano, text by Alexander Pushkin, Yevgeny Baratynsky,  Vasily Zhukovsky, Pyotr Vyazemsky (1998) [duration 25’]

Song for Voice and Piano, text by Yevgeny Baratynsky(2000)

[duration 4’]

Song for voice and Piano, text by Yury Kim (2000) [duration 3’]

Four Songs for Baritone and Piano, text by Nikolay Gumilev (2001) [duration 11’]

“La sombra” for Voice and piano, text by Federico Garcia Lorca (2010/2011/2012) (Versions for Voice, Double Bas and Piano; Voice, Guitar and Piano) [duration 7’]

4 songs on Sybren Polet texts [durations 25’] for voice, violin, cello, bass guitar, drums and flute [2016]

‘Bowie’, ‘Music Inside’ for voice, guitar, double bass, flute, accordion and drums [2016]

“The Fairy’s Tales” for solo Voice, text by Constantine Balmont for soprano (1996) [duration 10’]

“The First Lily of the Valley” text by Afanasy Fett for voice (1996)[duration 3’]

“The April Frost” for voice (1996) [duration 3’20]

“Maggie’s Connection” for Double Bass and Voice for single player (2009) [duration 14’40’’]

"Rokudan”, (52 + 7 beat) Kumiuta, L’Hommague to Yatsuhashi Kengyo, perception version of “Rokudan no shirabe” for voice and koto for single player (2014)[duration 8’]

Music for play “Temnovishnevy sad” by A.P.Chehov (2007-2008), director Yulia Yarilina

Musical “Three Groschen’s opera” by B.Breht (2008)

1st act of the opera “Otez Sergiy” (2009/ in progress)

Music for play “Khazar dictionary” (2011), director Alena Mikhailova

Musical “Odysseus” (2011/2012), director and text by Michiel van de Burgt

Music for theater play “SHEBEATS” based on beatnik generation art (2012)