Music for cartoon “School”(2005), animation by Maria Nistratova

Music for film “The DOG” (2006), director Maria Mojar

Music for film “The days of Joy” (2008), director Philipp Korshunov

Music for movie “Body Part” (2009), director Maria Kravchenko

Music for movie “Psalm” (2009), director Elena Zaikina

Music for movie “Keeper” (2009), director Philipp Korshunov

Music for movie “Virus- A” (2009), director Sergey Korgakov

Music for cartoon “Vevericek” (2010), STRIPBURGER V GIBANJU

Music for movie “14 days” (2010), director Sergey Korgakov

Music for cartoon “Wanted” (2012), director Boris Dolenc

Music for movie “Sinister” (2012), director Lev Predan Kowarski

Music for movie “Na Pogled / On Sight” (2013), director Miha Kalan

Music for computer game  “Hollow Fear” (2012-2014

Cinematography short. PWSFTviT, Lodz Poland.

Writer: Sandra Zavec
Director: Marta Trela
DoP: Lev Predan Kowarski
Costume designer: Ina Ferlan
Composer: Anna Mikhailova  

Sound Design: Vid AhaCIC

Shot on: RED Epic
Lenses: Zeiss Super Speed/Standard Prime
Post: DaVinci Resolve


them with sufferings and  Even if the War recedes its signs remain typed into the earth torn to pieces and into the human memory with its bloody prints. The body of this earth is burnt with shells and torn with mines, and we are the Parts of it. The characters of the film, the young Caucasian guys, are the children of the war that destroyed their childhood and youth, substitutedchildrens memories with nothing to remember. They dont lose the courage they get education, get married, raise children and talk about everything the world, people, love and God. They will never forget the bygone, but they overcome it they are living on their land, fight and want to make their Motherland free and happy. They are the dignified children of their people. In this black&white film past, present and future are mixed up into one colour of all times and nations the colour of War. During the whole film one of the characters sends sms to the author in which he shares his memories and feelings of life. One of these messages is a question: Do you believe that everything will be OK?


PRODUCTION: PERVOE KINO studio, OSTROV studio, The International Red Cross Committee 

Director: Maria KRAVCHENKO

Camera: Ivan Finogeev, Mikhail Uralev

Sound: Anastacia Pasenchuk

Music: Anna Mikhailova

Translation and Subtitles: Olga Yakovleva 


the story of