“In other lands” for female choir and soprano solo,

text by Larisa Vasileva (1997) [duration 6’]

“Adel”, cantata for mixed choir, soprano and violin text by Alexander Pushkin (1998) [duration 7’]

“The Sounds of the Sun” text by Konstantin Balmont,

three poems formixed choir a capella (2000) [duration 12’]

“Fortune-teller” for a mixed choir a cappella on folk text (2004)

[duration 12’]

“Cherubimic hymn” ( part of liturgy) for a mixed choir a cappella (2009)

[duration 7’]

“Fortune - telling” written specially for Pokrovsky ensemble (2011)

[duration 17’]

‘Dit is je naam’ alien tropical permutations (2016)

‘Eerst is errr’ written specially for TENSO days (2016)