ensemble works

Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano (1996) [duration 3’] 

“Cygnet, Crayfish and Pike” fable for a voice, flute, oboe and bassoon (1996), text by Ivan Krilov [duration 5’]

Koneok-Gorbunok/ The little Humpbacked Horse” musical fairy tale for piano and narrator in 7 parts (1996) [duration 18’]

“Scherzo Fantastique” for flute, oboe and bassoon (1997) [duration 4’]

“Reed song at the bridge” for voice and flute, text by Alex Block (1997)

[duration 3’40’’]

Trio for violin, bassoon and piano (1998) [duration 5’30’’]

Suite for cello and piano [3 parts] (1999) [duration 8’]

“How is the Singing Born” nine songs for Voice and Viola, texts by Ishikawa Takuboku, Mikawa Hideo, Matsuo Basho and Ogura Hyakunin Isshu](2003) [duration 34’]

Trio for flute, Double Bass and piano (2003)[duration 15’]

String quartet (2003) [duration 6’35’’]

Flute quartet (2004), written specially for Syrinx flute quartet, [premiered (2005)] [duration 9’]

Aramse” piece for marimba and two chine’s tom-toms (2004) [duration 5’]

Shyumbun-no hi” for two Koto (Japan cither) (2005) [duration 4’35’’]

“Metamorphoses” Quartet for drums (2005) [duration 8’]

“During the D” Music for 2 Violins (2006) [duration 7’]

“Metamorphoses” for Flute and Cembalo (2006) [duration 6’35’’]

“Metamorphoses” for 12 Players (2006) [duration 9’25’’]

“Time of NDEMBU” for Cello and Piano (2006)[duration 6’10”]

“Reflection” for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola & Cello (2008)[duration 7’]

“Music Inside” for 2 Organs (2008 [7’]/2015[ 15’]/2016) [8’]

“Metamorphoses P.S.” for 7 Players (2008) [ duration 8’33’’]

“ANTYRAGA” for Oboe and Piano (2009) [duration 4’35’’]

“Music Inside” for Steel drum and Electro Harp (2009) [duration 5’]

“BOLERO” for 2 Voices (soprano), String Quintet ( 2 Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass) and 3 Percussions (2009) [duration 8’34’’]

premiered at ‘Bang on A Can festival’, NY, 2009

“Extract Haydn | Haydn Passion” for Flute, Trumpet, Cello, Piano, Harpsichord and Percussion (2009) [duration 6’35’’]

“Bright without Fright” for Flute, Violin, Violoncello and Percussion (2010) [duration 5’ 15’’] specially written for Cadillacmoonensemble

“Music Inside” for Drum Quartet (2010) [duration 6’]

“Bowing to the shadow” for Flute and Piano (2010) [duration 5’20’’]

“Est” [Harms Scetch] for Voice, Flute, Cello, Piano and Bass drum (2010) [duration 4’]

“ Music Inside” for Piano, Drums, Double Bass and Synth [7’15’’]

“14-18 - 21-34” for Piano and Bow player (2010) [duration 10’40’’]

“KHAZAR FACE” for Violin and Voice (2011) [duration 6’]

“KHAZAR FACE” for Trumpet and Organ (2011) [duration 5’]

“Under the apple tree” for 6 Trombones (2011) [duration 7’]

“74 seconds under the apple tree” for Ensemble Klang (2011) [duration 74’’]

“T.A.N.G.O.” for Voice, Violin, Piano and Megaphone (2011) [duration 8’]

“Shogi. White dragon” for Koto and Square Piano (2011)

[specially written for Kaoru Iwamura and Makiko Goto]

[duration 6’]

“PULSAR” for Violin, Cello, Alto Flute and Alto Saxophone (2011)

[duration 5’]

“Autonomy Leads Low of Mind Experience”

(Deconstruction version of “All of me” by Louis Armstrong for jazz trio - Piano, Double Bass, Drums) (2012) [duration 5’]

“ALL of ME” version for cello and piano (2015) [duration 4’30”]

“Bonus of Binary Balance” for 11 players (2012)

(commissioned by Impuls. International Ensemble Composers Academy for Contemporary Music, Graz/Austria) Premiered by Klangforum Ensemble, 2013/ Graz/ Austria

[duration of the 2012 part is 7’25’’, in total it is 100’ composition, going from noise to pitch]

“Time Traveller’s Lullaby” for Baroque Voice, Cello/Viola da Gamba and Square Piano/ Pianoforte (2012) [duration 9’]

Pulsar Project composition for LFA band (2013) [duration 22’]

“String Theory” for Koto and Live Electronics (2013) [duration 11’]

Premiered at Asia weak Festival [2013, Eindhoven, Netherlands]

“1117 rpm” for Piano and Performer, text Fernando Pessoa (2013)

[duration 10’]

Premiered at Dag van de Romantische Muziek 2013, Rotterdam, Netherlands

“Antyraga” for tenor saxophone and string quartet (2014) [duration 5’25’’]

"8 city voices fugue", for 4 hands, 2 voices and 1 piano

Text "Duonome" by Hanne Lippard, written specially for Megumi Tanno (2014) premiered by Megumi Tanno and Michael Tsalka, [2014, Tokyo, Japan][duration 9’35”]