Anna Mikhailova was born on February 17, 1984 in Moscow. Starting composing at 4 years old with paint buckets and her grandfather’s shotgun, making the first opera at 10 years old and having first solo concerts with her music at 11 years old. Accomplished piano, organ and koto player, opera, film and theater director, ethnomusicologist and multimedia artist.


Anna Mikhailova graduated in Rotterdam University of Arts as a theater director (2013), Den Haag Royal Conservatory composition and sonology department (2011), Chicago Columbia University film music (2008) and Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (2007) as a composer, organ and koto player. She creates fusions of contemporary music, theatre and performance art. The key of her work is not only to express herself through art but to make work that resonates with nowadays society and creates space for the audience to discover their personal reasons to be. This approach culminates in her current work on the ULTIMATE OPERA PROJECT by bringing the opera into a new multiple and dimensional language, narrative structures, experiment and media.

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