The story of contemporary Frankenstein...visually and musically rich skilfully blendsbusy counterpoint and evocations of ethnic folk music...”​



Notion on Limitation, Stichting Centrum Den Haag, 2010

Open Dag, Spanjaardshof, Den Haag, 2010

NEFORMAT, Gallery Na Vspolnom, Moscow, 2011

Blik Opener Festival, Delft, 2012

Redear Festival, Rotterdam, 2013

Codarts Open Daag, Rotterdam, 2013

Pulchri, Den Haag, 2013

Pulsar Project Exhibition, De KetelFactory, Schiedam, 2013

Pulsar Project, Stroom, Den Haag, 2014

Open Dag, Spanjaardshof, Den Haag, 2015

Galerie Sophie, Den Haag, 2015

Artist-in-Residence, Moha, Austin, 2015

Delft in-Ovatie Festival, Delft, 2015

From the intangible to the tangible, Wachelturm, Zurich

Sophie Gallery, Den Haag, February 2016

Delft, Kadmium, HKK, Den Haag, July 2016

Haarlem, Nieuwe Vide August-November 2017